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The course introduces  learners to Design Thinking methodology. Design Thinking is focused on developing an understanding of the audience for whom we’re designing the products or services, to ensure that appropriate user tested solutions are produced for appropriate problems.


The course runs as five, one-hour sessions over 5 days as follows:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Design Thinking and start Empathise section.

    • Outcome: Learn ways to gain insight into users and their needs

  • Session 2: Empathise conclude and start Define section

    • Outcome: Learn how to define the problem in a human-centred manner

  • Session 3: Conclude Define section and Ideate section

    • Outcome: Learn methods to generate ideas and pick elements that solve or circumvent the problem

  • Session 4: Prototype Section

    • Outcome: What is important when creating inexpensive scaled down versions of the product or features

  • Session 5: Test Section and Conclusion

    • Outcome: Engage with users to test and adjust the product learning as much about users as possible

Pre-requisites for this course are:

  • A reliable Internet connection to access the course videoconference

  • A laptop or desktop computer (either PC or Mac) is strongly preferred. Learners will be using a web browser on one half of the screen, with the video conference in the other half, and this is impractical on mobile devices.

  • The course is delivered in English, and the technical nature of the content means Learners must be proficient in English to at least a Grade 12 level