We live in a truly amazing time! In a hyper-connected world where technology has never been more powerful and affordable, it feels like few things are truly impossible, and that it's usually only a question of time, money and effort to achieve anything you set your mind to.

The founders of QuantumCrayon each have over a decade of experience designing, implementing and operationalizing new high-tech products in the Information and Communications Technology arena. We founded QuantumCrayon in 2019 to further our passion for helping our customers solve business problems and realize their futures, through collaboration and the inventive application of technology. The world is wide and wonderful, and we love working with other business owners from all economic sectors to understand their goals and dreams and how their businesses operate; and to then knuckle down in figuring out how to unlock and delivering true value for these businesses with intelligent and judicious use of enabling technology.

We operate in the ICT and digitalisation environments, on delivering solutions primarily composed of telecommunications and disruptive 4IR technologies such as Augmented Reality, Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence in the SMME and consumer markets.

Unlike traditional technology companies we don’t advocate new technology for technology’s sake; but instead believe technology to only be an enabling component of the solution, and which must be thoughtfully integrated with people and processes to truly solve problems and unlock value.

We are equally passionate about South Africa our home, and feel privileged to play a part both in improving the lives of our customers and our customer's customers; as well as training and sharing our skills with the next generations that will be leading us into the future.