Business owners know that today's technology makes possible things that were once the realm of science fiction. As a forward-thinking business owner you want to harness the power of these new possibilities to expand your offerings, optimize your costs and improve customer experiences. You must take action, but the accelerating pace of change, disruptive new competitors and changing industry business models make the best path forward uncertain.  more

QuantumCrayon's mission is to help guide your business on its digital journey by finding/creating, evaluating and implementing impactful technology projects that propel your business into the future.


Organisational Readiness & Scaling

Design Thinking Sprint


Development or Pilot

The QuantumCrayon approach to helping you harness the technologies of tomorrow

Ideation & Opportunities


Ideation  & Opportunities Workshop

Interactive session to identify high impact projects for your business using 4IR technologies

Design Thinking Sprint

Fast-paced and structured approach to define and test a Minimum Viable Product against real-world customers

Prototype Development or Pilot

Rapidly build a working prototype of your offering orimprovement. Learn from the implementation and pivot/adjust for the final version

Organisational Readiness/Scaling

Prepare your organisation to profitably deliver your offering to customers at production scale.

Rapid Prototypes & Proof of Concepts we've developed to date

AI-enabled drones
License Plate Recognition
Virtual Reality Process Visualisation
IoT device control
Augmented Reality device servicing overlay
Real-time underground drilling 'digital twin' visualization
Audio transciption & sentiment analysis.

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